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Grandma has RETIRED! Wildwood Manor Ranch is now CLOSED. We sincerely THANK YOU for your long time support, and apologize for any inconvenience.

Annette Milne (Grandma) celebrated 44 years of running the ranch this year. Sadly, she suffered a stroke in 2014. Therefore, Wildwood has been sold. The memories remain in our hearts forever.

Instead of Wildwood Ranch, consider the following businesses:

1. HorsePlay Niagara: 905-834-2380 (11061 Ellsworth Rd. N, Wainfleet, ON)

2. Claireville Ranch: 905-794-0700 (8742 Claireville Conservation Rd. Brampton, ON)

Special note: Stay tuned! As we hope to continue Wildwood Ranch in a NEW location within the next few years. Keep us in mind and check out our website from time to time. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors. God bless to you all.


Annette’s Vision:
She has dedicated her life to this farm. Wildwood Manor Ranch is her legacy, and we are forever grateful. She has changed many lives and shared immense generosity, all to the glory of God. Her purpose to glorify our Heavenly Father was seen in her generosity, love, compassion, patience, love, and faith. As she adjusts to her new life changes, feel free to email your appreciation to her: wildwoodranch@iprimus.ca

Thank you to Grandma Milne! What a wonderful journey and career that she has been blessed with! Praise be to God.


UPDATE - The Retirement Party
On May 16, 2015, the staff, family and friends of Annette Milne celebrated her RETIREMENT after 44 years of business. The celebration was held at the farm – it included a rodeo, riding, and more. Grandma Milne even gave her final riding lesson from her wheelchair in the sand ring. The day was very special. (NOTE: See more pictures on our Facebook).



Western Riding Club

Our Western Riding Club runs every Saturday from 9 am to 4:30 for ages 6 years and up. Come and learn about grooming, saddling, handling and general horsemanship. All of our students get a lesson and a trail ride, at least 2 hours of riding, usually more. If you love horses and want to learn all about them, this is the program for you!

This program is suitable for adults as well.

Register now - space is limited

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Horse Boarding

100 acres of scenic trails + large outdoor sand ring

Individual feeding program

Lessons and training available

Cost: Outdoor board $300, Indoor board $400 per month plus HST

Birthday Parties

We now offer 3 different birthday packages for you to choose from!

Basic Package includes a one hour trail ride and a hayride - cost: $50 per person minimum of 6 people.

Standard Package includes a one hour trail ride plus your party meal - cost: $372.90 for 6 guests.

Premium Package includes a one hour trail ride plus your party meal, and a hayride - cost: $440.70 for 6 guests.






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